What the Media Wants from Your Website

1. Make it easy to find media information by including a button on your home page called "For the Media," "Newsroom" or something similar.

2. Provide a Media Kit that includes the following material at a minimum: a fact sheet about your organization, a backgrounder describing your industry, biographies and photos of senior executives, and a logo that can be easily reproduced if required.

3. List at least one "media contact" for your organization and list the name of that person and their contact information: e-mail address and phone number(s) that allow immediate access.

4. Include an archive of press releases.

5. Insert links to news coverage about your organization, including newspaper and magazine articles, audio and video files of radio and television clips, and articles on the web.

6. Post recent and archived issues of your organization's annual report.

7. Provide information about your organization's philanthropic and/or community relations activities.                Back >